Jewelry Care

Each EPICENE piece is made from hand-cut, filed, and finished raw brass and sterling silver. We carefully test each piece for quality and durability before sending them off to their new homes, however they are delicate by nature, and should be handled and stored with care. 

Because EPICENE pieces are made from natural metals, they will patina and change color over time. Humidity often accelerates this process, so make sure to store them away from excess moisture. Please avoid showering, bathing and swimming in your EPICENE jewelry, and make sure to take your pieces off before you go to sleep.

If you wish to restore your pieces to their original shine, you can clean them with a polishing cloth, silver polish or brass cleaner. For a more natural approach, cut a lemon in half and cover the exposed part with a good amount of salt. Remove the earrings backs and rub the lemon and salt on the metal until it is shiny. The salt acts as an abrasive and the two combine to clean the metal. Just rinse the earrings off with a little soap and water and dry.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the care of your EPICENE pieces. 

For inquiries regarding repairs, please email